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About Eve

Eve Organics - all-natural skin care and beauty boutiqueEve Organics came into being as a skincare store in February of 2010. In my early twenties at the time, I had suffered since the age of around 17 with moderate, persistent hormonal acne. Nothing was working. So embarrassed that I was wearing makeup literally 24/7 to hide my skin, I began to spend countless hours researching the multitude of acne treatments available – most of which I’d tried without success. What I found terrified me. Some of the ingredients in commercial acne treatments were so horrendous in their potential effects and toxicity that I swore that, if they weren’t going to fix my skin anyway, then I would stop using them altogether – and so I switched to all natural skin care

As time passed, I became more and more of an ‘ingredient hawk’, and, after many years of study, an expert on all-natural skin care and natural makeup brands and the differences between them. One of the things that initially surprised me was how difficult it is to find products that are truly, 100% natural. What you may not realise is that many of the ‘natural’ skin care brands on the market aren’t actually natural at all – they usually contain at least a few synthetic, and potentially toxic, ingredients. 

I also quickly developed an affection for niche, small-batch, handmade beauty ranges - ranges made by passionate women across the globe, that weren't yet available here in Australia. So far, Eve Organics has brought 8 brand new all natural skin care ranges to Australian shores; including Blissoma (U.S), Earthwise Beauty (U.S), Hynt Beauty (U.S), Black Robin (New Zealand), Innersense Organic Beauty (U.S) Leahlani (U.S), and our latest range, H is for Love (U.S). I'm always on the lookout for up-and-coming all natural skin care & organic beauty products to add to the store, and the range continues to grow. I want every visit to Eve Organics to be exciting, with new discoveries always around the corner.

In line with my philosophy on customer service and tailoring skin care to the individual, we also offer free skin care and natural makeup consultations – just contact us with your query and we’ll help you to choose the right organic beauty products for your skin type and needs. Have a suggestion/idea/feedback for me? Please get in touch at info@eveorganics.com.au. I love to chat!

Lots of love,
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