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Balanced Pantry - Mushroom Maca blend (50g)

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Mushroom Maca is a powerhouse blend of super mushrooms and golden maca, with a hint of cacao; making it a tasty and healthy alternative to coffee.

Maca and cacao provide protein, iron and antioxidants; while reishi and cordyceps mushrooms help to balance the adrenals for long-term energy maintenance and improved stress resistance.

TO USE: Take one teaspoon once or twice daily. Mushroom maca has a sweet, caramel-ly flavour; perfect in hot chocolate recipes or added to banana smoothies. 

Approx 25 servings per jar.

Cordyceps mushroom powder, reishi mushroom powder, mesquite*, maca*, cacao*, coconut, monkfruit extract.

*Denotes Certified Organic


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