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March 28, 2017

What does natural beauty mean to you? The results of our Green Beauty Survey

In January this year I sent out a Green Beauty Survey to our newsletter subscribers, and asked you what you wanted from Eve Organics - what new ranges, what kinds of store features, what we can do more of, etc. It was such a fun survey to design, and the response was overwhelming - I'm so grateful to all of you who participated. We're already implementing changes that were suggested by our very clever customers!

In the same survey, I also asked some general green beauty questions - including, 'What is your definition of natural beauty?', and I promised that I would share my favourite answers here on the blog.

So, direct from our beautiful customers & newsletter subscribers, here they are. Get ready to be inspired!  💖

all natural skin care







organic beauty products

all natural skin care - eve organics

Natural beauty - eve organics

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all natural skin care - eve organics

Organic beauty products


A big thank you again to all of you for sharing your thoughts and insight. Your comments were such a pleasure to read!

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Until next time!


Eve :)


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