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January 17, 2017

How to build an inspiration board

Inspiration boards are more than just pretty 'fluff’ – they can be excellent tools for improving organisation, collecting ideas and of course, providing inspiration. How we feel – whether it’s positive or negative, excited or bored, inspired or completely unmotivated – depends on a number of factors; but our physical environment is one of them.

When you think about it (and I know we all try not to think about it too much!); we spend almost 50% of our waking hours at work every week – so the experience we have day-in, day-out in the workplace has a huge potential to affect our emotional experience. Are you spending your days in a drab, grey office cubicle which has nothing of ‘you’ in it? How does it feel walking into work every day? My guess is, not all that great. So improve it! And YES, the things you look at while you’re working can have a huge effect on how you feel – different words and images trigger different synaptic responses in our brains; so the things we see around us are incredibly impactful.

 Eve working - Eve Organics - inspiration boardMe working on my own inspiration board!

So, how can you get started and make your work space brighter, more beautiful & most importantly, more ‘you’? Here are my tips on building your very own inspiration board.


Create a Pinterest account

If you don’t have a Pinterest account yet, I highly recommend starting right now! (You should also follow Eve Organics once you’re on there!) Pinterest is essentially a virtual version of a pin board – you can have several boards under different categories (e.g ‘beauty ideas’, ‘recipes’, ‘travel info’, ‘craft how-to’s’, etc.) You can make your Pinterest profile totally private if you like, so nobody can see your virtual pin boards or the things you pin on them. And every day, Pinterest will offer you a huge list of pins, based on your interests and the boards you follow. It’s a treasure trove of inspiring and beautiful images, as well as quotes, lists, printable planners, and everything else you can possibly think of.

Once you’ve pinned a few pins, you’ll start to see how a virtual board can help you to create your real one. Pinterest is just such a great search tool – you’ll find images you love, pretty prints, beautiful quotes & typography… and you can print out your favourites to pin on your real inspiration board. It’s a brilliant way to get started.


When you see something beautiful, pick it up

My inspiration board contains a whole host of postcards, pretty business cards, flyers and other paper goods that I saw, loved, and collected. Keep your eyes peeled for pretty things that inspire you – whether they be free cards floating around at cafes, beautiful floral business cards, or even cards in a newsagency – if you love it, buy it!


Include your favourite photos (the ones that make you feel good!)

This is the third thing I have pinned on my inspiration board. These can include photos with loved ones, family & friends – or just travel photos you’ve taken that remind you of a happy time and place. If it makes you smile, pin it on there!


Once you have some artwork/printed things, some cards, quotes, and happy snaps on your board – it will start to look beautiful, and take on its own personality. And before you know it, it will start to change your mood for the better – especially if you remember to include a good dose of uplifting, motivational or calming quotes on there (whatever you feel you need during the work day!). To give you an example and help to get you started, here are a few snaps from mine:

 How to build an inspiration board - Eve Organics


Do you have an inspiration board? What kind of things do you pin on it? I'd love to hear!
Until next time..

Eve from Eve Organics


Eve :)


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