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May 29, 2018

How I keep my skin happy over winter: With Sarah of the Lilly Mint blog

After a long glorious summer, it’s safe to say that winter has well and truly arrived - at least here in New Zealand. We’ve already had a few 0 degree mornings, and I’ve had to say goodbye to my pretty sundresses and sandals and replace them with more practical winter coats and boots!
I’ve also noticed my skin has started to change as the weather cools down. It has become a lot more dry and rough, and I’ve had to give it a little more TLC to keep it happy. Today I wanted to share the three things that I feel really help to keep my skin in its best shape throughout the cooler months. 

During the warmer months, I often swap between a moisturiser and a facial oil, depending on how my skin feels and what I think it needs. Come winter, I like to use both for extra hydration and protection against the elements. At night, I’ll often apply my moisturiser and let it sink in for around 10-15 minutes, before applying a small amount of facial oil over the top. I blend this really well into my skin, focusing on under eyes, lips, and cheeks where my skin gets the driest. It’s also the perfect excuse to give your facial skin a nice massage, and a jade roller or gua sha tool can be very effective here! This oil and moisturiser combo gives my skin a double boost of moisture while I sleep, and I wake up with skin that looks a lot more hydrated, glowy, and smooth.
I honestly cannot stress how important it is to use moisturisers and oils that contains all natural ingredients, as these are what will keep you skin moisturised and protected the best. Many traditional beauty products contain petroleum-based ingredients which actually dry out the skin and cause further skin issues!

Okay, this one might be obvious, but drinking water is one of the best things you can do for your skin and it’s just as important to keep hydrated during the winter as during the summer. In the winter time, it can be hard to bring yourself to drink quite as much cold water so I’ll often drink cups of hot fruit or herbal tea throughout the day (you could even try adding an adaptogen powder to your tea for an extra health boost!). Even a glass of warm water with lemon is a delicious and warm winter treat. While this doesn’t replace water completely (you still want to aim for at least 6 glasses of water a day), it does help to keep you hydrated (and much warmer!)

If there is a perfect time to relax with a cuppa, a good book and a face mask…. it's winter time! I like to make the most of the darker evenings by getting into my pyjamas and relaxing with a face mask. During the winter months I like to routinely use face masks that contain hydrating properties and are packed with nourishing, rich oils (like this one). I always notice that the more often I use a mask, the better condition my skin is, so I try to opt for one at least 3 times a week. 
Other masks I enjoy using are ones that have exfoliating properties (like this one from Mokosh). It’s important to ensure you are regularly exfoliating over winter, to remove the dead skin cells that build up on the skin. This allows products like moisturisers and oils to really penetrate the skin and work their magic!

What's your favourite way to nourish your skin during winter time..?

Sarah is a self-confessed shopaholic who loves all things pretty. She's a New Zealander,
a natural beauty lover and a soon-to-be first Mum!  At her blog Lilly
Mint, you'll find all of her natural beauty, fashion, and lifestyle favourites.
Eve :)


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