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April 25, 2018

How (and why) to start dry body brushing today! - with Sarah of The Lilly Mint blog

Dry Body brushing is a ritual that has been practiced and recommended by health practitioners for years, and with good reason. This easy, simple practice is highly regarded for its positive benefits not only for the skin, but the body too. 

Dry Body brushing helps to stimulate the blood and skin and promotes healthy circulation. It’s actually been proven that it helps to increase energy, so it’s a perfect ritual to include in your morning shower routine!

Body brushing also helps to redistribute the fatty deposits and other toxins under the skin, which in turn lead to a more toned and firmer appearance of the skin, and it’s for this reason that many find it useful in reducing and preventing cellulite. Of course, it’s also an effective way to exfoliate, removing the dry dead layer of skin to reveal healthy fresh skin underneath. There are so many benefits to this practise, and it’s such a simple and easy thing to do - it only takes a couple of minutes each day.

So here’s how you do it….

Starting at the feet, work up the body with long, firm strokes. You should be using enough pressure that the brush feels firm against the skin, but not painful, and your skin may be a little pink afterwards. 

5 or so passes in each area is enough, before you can move on to the next area. It’s important to brush towards the centre of the body as this sends the blood and toxins in the right direction to be disposed of.  When working near the centre of the body such as the tummy and chest, use firm circular motions. Avoid brushing your face and neck, as many dry body brushes are far too harsh to be used on the delicate facial skin!

While many may think of body brushing as a summer practise, it’s extremely important to also do this in the winter as this is when your skin is often at it’s most dry and needs the most love. I like to follow my body brushing up with a shower and an application of body oil, and the Leahlani Pua Lei Body Oil is a beautiful option. The tropical scent will leave you feeling relaxed and ready to take on the day, and the oil hydrates the skin without leaving it greasy.  
Have you tried dry body brushing? What's your favourite way to make it into a self care ritual?

Sarah is a self-confessed shopaholic who loves all things pretty. She's a New Zealander,
a natural beauty lover and a soon-to-be first Mum!  At her blog Lilly
Mint, you'll find all of her natural beauty, fashion, and lifestyle favourites.
Eve :)


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