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August 23, 2016

Double cleansing made easy

If you’re interested in natural beauty, then the chances are, you’ve heard of ‘double cleansing’. But what exactly does it mean, and why should you do it? Is double cleansing just washing your face twice? Well, not quite. 

The idea behind double cleansing is that there are two types of impurities that can clog pores – oil-based impurities (like trapped sebum or makeup) and water-based impurities (like dead skin cells, bacteria, dust and sweat). Double cleansing means attacking these two types of impurities in two steps, and with two different products.

You’ll remember from high school science class that oil and water repel each other – they don’t like to join forces. So, removing them separately (with products designed to attract one or the other) makes a lot of sense.

Double cleansing isn’t a new thing – it’s been around in Japan for centuries, where geishas would need to cleanse several times to remove all the paint and makeup from their faces. And, this general idea of a ‘deeper cleanse’ is what double-cleansing is all about – aside from cleansing different types of debris from the surface of the skin, it also allows a much more thorough clean, particularly if you wear makeup on a daily basis.

If you’re currently using one cleanser and it’s working well for you, then there may not be any reason to change. But, if your skin is particularly congested or consistently ‘dull’ in appearance and it isn’t responding well to products, or if you feel you need a ‘better clean’ at night-time, then you might like to give double cleansing a try.

So how is it done? Well, usually you start with an oil (or cream)-based cleanser, to remove makeup and withdraw oil-based impurities from clogged pores. Second, you use a different cleanser (usually a gel or ‘wash’ formula – but you can use your normal, everyday cleanser to finish with), to remove residue and dead skin cells.

Not sure which cleansers to use? Here are some ideas to get you started!

Blissoma Fresh Mild Rice Cleanser + Free Herbal Gel Cleanser

Romeo + Madden Happy Skin Face Oil + Pink Clay Beauty Bar

The Little Alchemist Papaya, Lime & Geranium Cleansing Milk + Wild Apple & Mint Purifying Gel Cleanser

Raw Gaia MSM Beauty Cleansing LotionSkin Divinity Cleansing Spray

Mokosh Pure Face & Body Oil + Face Cleansing Powder


Or, mix and match from the above lists to create your perfect combination. See how you go!

Double cleansing

Eve :)


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