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February 03, 2017

Creating a skin care ritual: One-brand vs an eclectic collection (with Kelsey)

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When it comes to skin care, how do you know what’s best? A one-brand routine, or a skincare ritual that encompasses different products from different brands? Many brands will recommend selecting your skin care from a sole brand, and although there might be some sound points behind that advice, it mostly sounds like a brand trying to sell you more products. So, to help you decipher all the do’s and don’ts, advice and recommendations, here are some things to think about when choosing your skin care, and my personal thoughts on the matter.


The advantages of a one-brand skin care ritual:

  • The scents across the range will complement, not clash. This can be especially true for natural brands, where no synthetic scents are used, but common ingredients may be present throughout the line.
  • The range is completely and fully designed to complement each product, so each step will be treating your skin’s concerns, without overdoing it.
  • Often you can purchase skin care in sets, so being able to buy the whole range of products you need in a complete set, not only makes it easier for you, but will usually save you at least 10%.


The advantages of a fully personalised skin care ritual (using different brands):

  • Most brands have a singular focus. While many skin care brands do at least have a small variation or selection outside of that focus, our skin isn’t quite so simple. By singular focus, I’m talking about problem areas/skin concerns. Anti-ageing, acne, sensitivity, dryness or oiliness. More often than not, you’re looking at choosing from the first three options as the main concern. This is GREAT, if you only have one issue. However, you can be looking to treat a number of issues, so one brand solely focused on anti-ageing may not be dealing too well with your acne (it sucks, but it’s not just for teenagers), or sensitive skin. This is where being able to select products that best suit your skin across different brands is a huge bonus. I’m always looking for a cleanser that will remove make-up, but also keep my skin clear (Blissoma’s Fresh Mild Rice Cleanser is a god-send, by the way), but that isn’t my sole focus across the rest of my skin care, so this allows flexibility.
  • It can also be money-saving. Yes, I mentioned this as a ‘pro’ for a one-brand ritual, but the same is true if you’re selecting products from different brands. Whilst you might splurge on an expensive eye cream because that is your main concern, the rest of your skin may not actually require such potent, or luxury skin care.
  • You can mix it up, depending on the season, or your changing skin. Our skin is not a simple, black-and-white issue, and will never be constant. The weather, stress, and environmental, diet or hormone changes can all be responsible for changes in the skin. If you find a particular night cream is no longer working quite so well for you, or you need a lighter routine come summer, you can change it out for a more suited product.

Personally, whilst I understand the pro’s of a one-brand ritual, I don’t believe it is at all necessary for healthy skin, and actually think it is a bit of a myth. Several formulators will tell you as much. If it works for you, that is brilliant! But if it doesn’t, don’t be afraid to trial different products and brands until you find what works for you and your skin. My own personal collection consists of several different brands, usually the creme-de-la-creme (for my skin) from that particular range, so I have the most effective, personalised skincare ritual possible.

I’d love to know your thoughts on this topic, what you use and have found most effective for your skin - one brand, or an eclectic collection?  Share below!

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February 14, 2017

Hi Kara!
I would say trial and error, honestly. Skincare is so personal, dependent on age, genetics and environmental factors (even the climate you live in). Look at your skincare similar to your wardrobe.

- What is missing from your routine? What holes are there?
- Skin concerns. What are you looking for? Hydration, anti-ageing?

For me, breakouts were a concern, but I’m also conscious of maintaining my skin so as to help prevent early ageing etc. So, I have chosen an oil and cleanser specifically to help keep my skin clear, as these products in particular are best for breakouts. For hydration and anti-ageing, I look to a different brand with a more anti-ageing focus, and those richer formulations, for a good, hydrating cream.

If you’re after any specific recommendations of course just ask, I’m always happy to help! xx


February 10, 2017

Great post Kelsey!
Do you have any advice for how to select the best products or the “Creme de la Creme” when there are SO many organic options to choose from now?
Is it just trial and error?

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