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March 01, 2018

Scent Matters: How to reap the aromatherapy benefits from your favourite products


If you’ve ever had a smell conjure a specific memory, or you’ve been enjoying a relaxing facial and the fragrance of the products has made you feel happy, calm, or even energized – then you’ve experienced aromatherapy. 

Far from a fad, aromatherapy works in a simple and physical way. It all starts with essential oils. Essential oils are the aromatic oils distilled from plants. Because essential oils have the characteristic fragrance and properties of the plant they were extracted from, they’re said to contain the ‘true essence’ of the plant (hence the name essential oil).

Essential oils contain molecules that, when inhaled, travel with their chemical messengers through the nose to the limbic system in the brain. This system in turn influences both the endocrine (hormonal) and nervous systems in the body – and it’s in this way that essential oils can influence the way we feel.

Certain essential oils also have more local benefits when applied topically to the skin. For example, frankincense is excellent at speeding up skin healing and reducing scar visibility; and it’s also extremely calming and grounding. Ylang ylang stimulates cell growth & can help to balance acne-prone skin; and it’s used in aromatherapy to balance emotions and stimulate desire.

So, whilst it might sound like a novel idea, it does make sense to choose your skin care based on how you want to feel; or at least, on which emotions you want to encourage more of in your life. After all – we used our skin care twice a day, every day - why not reap some aromatherapeutic benefits at the same time? You could also use this list to help you decide when to use certain products – for example, you might use an uplifting toner in the morning, and a soothing, calming serum before bed. To get you started, here are some of my favourite aromatherapeutic products:



Leahlani Citrus Citrine Toner

Black Robin Karma Camellia Moisturiser



Harlow Night Market Body Butter

Mokosh Pure Hydrosol Toner

Mokosh Frankincense & Orange Body Cream


Calming/Sleep Support

Earthwise Beauty Marshmallow Suds Facial Cleanser

Leahlani Champagne Serum

Harlow Daydream Body Whip



Captain Blankenship Avocado Peppermint Foot Balm

Harlow Spa Day Body Whip

Blissoma Blemish Therapy Spot Treatment Oil


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Picture credit: Revised Edition Style (revisededitionstyle.com)

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