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March 09, 2016

Black Robin: My favourite picks

When I came across the Black Robin range, what impressed me most about the products was the attention to detail – in terms of both the formulas and the packaging. The Black Robin range is oh-so-pretty, but it’s also expertly put together on the inside. Founder Lauren formulated the products with performance in mind, and the ingredients lists are short and simple with a few unusual and stand-out ingredients in each product; like marshmallow root, kukui oil and harakeke (New Zealand flax).
On the blog this week I’m talking about my experience with the range, and my favourite picks so far! Here they are:


Whole Lotta Rosie Refreshing Mist Toner

I don’t always use a toner (yes, it’s true! More on that in a future blog post), but when I do, I use it to give my skin a little ‘extra help’; whether it be a vitamin boost, some extra moisture, or some assistance cleansing/removing an oil cleanser.

When I first brought the Black Robin range in, I was preparing for some long-haul travelBlack Robin Whole Lotta Rosie toner (36 hours all up), and I immediately thought of a job for the Whole Lotta Rosie toner. I took it with me on my flights and used it about once every 5 or 6 hours, to soothe and hydrate my skin (and give me some refreshment).

Aircraft air can be so dry, and if I don’t use anything on my face during travel I always seem to end up with slightly red, angry-looking skin when I reach my destination. Not with Whole Lotta Rosie! It contains Damascus rose, neroli (which gives it a beautiful scent), and one of my all-time favourite ingredients; cucumber. Together, these hydrosols invigorate and soothe the complexion, reducing redness, increasing hydration and leaving skin plump and healthy-looking. For one product alone, that’s a big achievement!

I’ve now expanded my use of the toner to other areas of the body – I use it after shaving to reduce shaving rash, and anywhere on my body I think could use some soothing. (It would also be excellent as a post-wax treatment to calm redness/bumps, or on little ones to prevent nappy rash. Cucumber is a wonder-ingredient!)


Mallow Out Soothing Clay Masque

Mallow Out gets its name from its star ingredient; marshmallow root powder. The gentlest of face masks, Mallow Out is designed to withdraw impurities without aggravating the complexion. Marshmallow root is combined with oat flour, rich in healing beta-glucan. Together they form a protein (‘mucilage’) layer over the skin, to calm, heal and reduce irritation. At the same time, French white clay acts to withdraw impurities and gently exfoliate, and antioxidant-rich hibiscus flower deep cleanses and brightens.

To use, Mallow Out is a unique product! It smells very slightly sweet (like marshmallow), and when it’s combined with water (or whatever mixer you choose – apple cider vinegar, oat milk, etc), it turns a deep, raspberry pink colour. Once the clay dries, it goes to a pale pink. So pretty!

This is now my go-to mask when my skin feels irritated and in need of soothing (or any time I feel like a more astringent/purifying mask would be too harsh). It's perfect as a weekly deep-cleansing treatment for sensitive skin or skin that's on the drier side.


Mint Chocolate Lip Scrub

I love anything chocolate-related, so it’s no surprise that this product made my favourites list. But aside from smelling absolutely delectable, it also has a lot to offer in the way of skin care benefits!

Have you ever noticed that certain lipsticks will go ‘clumpy’ on your lips, or you’ll end up Chocolate lip scrubwith colour being more concentrated in certain areas/lip-lines? This is probably a sign that your lips need exfoliating.

It’s easy to forget about the lips as an area of the face that needs skin care – and when we exfoliate, we tend to avoid the lip area and just scrub around it. Most facial exfoliators are too harsh for lips in any case – but they shed skin just as regularly as the rest of our body (and they’re much more noticeable!), so how can we keep them looking their best?

With a lip scrub. Lip scrubs usually contain a gentle (and edible) exfoliant like sugar, combined with a moisturising oil or butter to hold the exfoliant together. It’s the latter ingredient that makes lips so ‘soft’ after they’ve had a scrub, and keeps the exfoliant from drying out the lips. The Black Robin lip scrubs contain organic cane sugar to exfoliate, combined with coconut and jojoba oils, and protective vitamin E to give them an antioxidant boost. I promise that once you’ve tried one, you’ll never go back to un-scrubbed lips again! 




Have you tried Black Robin yet? What are your favourite products?

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