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October 29, 2016

The benefits of dry body brushing (+ how to do it!)

A few years ago I was on a spa-date with my Mum, and we booked a package that included dry body brushing. We lay on our stomachs in a dark room while our bodies were brushed from top to toe in short strokes with a stiff-bristled brush. While I was having the treatment (and I was supposed to be relaxing and thinking about nothing..) I was actually thinking, ‘this is SO good. I should do it more often. I’m going to read up about this when I get home!’


I was talking to Mum about it afterwards and it turns out that she’s been dry body brushing for years, although she admitted that she doesn’t keep up with it as much any more.


We also agreed that, whilst the treatment was beautiful and felt amazing, the strokes weren’t firm or long enough for it to really feel like it was making a difference. So, I’ve taken it upon myself to start doing it at home; and doing it properly. As it happens, dry body brushing offers a multitude of health benefits – if it’s done properly and regularly.


First of all, dry body brushing helps to shed dead skin and assist in cell renewal, giving you an instant ‘glow’ and helping to reduce the occurrence of ingrown hairs. But its benefits go deeper than that. It’s also an extremely effective way to increase circulation and stimulate the lymphatic and nervous systems, helping to release toxins, eliminate clogged pores and reduce the appearance of cellulite. The lymphatic system doesn’t have a ‘pump’ mechanism like the circulatory system – so it benefits from some help getting things moving (regular exercise and massage are also helpful in this respect).


So how can you get started? Well – first of all you’ll need the right brush. You need a brush with natural bristles (not plastic), and a long handle to help with those hard-to-reach areas - like this one: 


I do my brushing right before I get in the shower. Stand up, and start brushing from the bottom of your legs upwards, using long, firm strokes towards the heart. (You can also get your partner to do it with you/for you – which is double the fun and beneficial for both of you!). Keep going until you’ve brushed your whole body – back and front, using light, circular stokes in smaller/sensitive areas such as the stomach; and long, firm strokes on larger areas such as your back and thighs, always brushing towards the heart.


And that’s it! It takes around 5 minutes a day (or you could just do it once a week – every bit helps!), with the benefits far outweighing the extra effort it takes in the morning. I’ve just started and I can feel the difference already.


Do you dry body brush? What are your thoughts? I’d love to hear them!


Until next time xx

Eve :)


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