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March 30, 2018

5 things I learned from my DIY wedding

If you keep up with me via the Eve Organics newsletter or social media, you’ll know that I recently got married. (Woohoo!). New-hubby and I decided quite early on that the current average wedding cost of $36,000 (yes, you read that correctly) was more than we wanted to spend - and perhaps more importantly, we wanted our day to be really personal, intimate and fun. So, we summoned the creative geniuses within us and decided to do the majority of it ourselves. This resulted in a few outcomes:
  • Our wedding was beautiful and intimate;
  • We both learned a lot of new things; and
  • The few weeks leading up to our wedding we were the busiest either of us has ever been in our lives.
Now that we’re newlyweds (how long can you say that, by the way? Is it three months? Six? A year..? I’m going with a year), and we’ve been through the wedding planning experience, I thought I would share a few pearls of wisdom I picked up in the process. Here they are. 

Eve's wedding


1. Plan to be busy

We planned our wedding in three & a half months (yes...) so admittedly, we had less time and were probably much busier than the average engaged couple. But no matter how long you have to plan, you’ll probably still be far more busy and stressed than you anticipated; even if you’re an easygoing kinda gal (I like to think I am, and I was pretty damn stressed.) For the last few weeks, there were post-it notes and to-do lists all over our tiny little apartment – and an equal amount in my head!

The thing is though, wedding planning should be fun - so much fun. It’s your one chance to plan this gorgeous, love-filled event with dancing, laughing, great food, whatever décor you please (Hello Pinterest!), and all your family and friends there with you to celebrate your love. So, if you can help it, try to plan for the busyness so that you’re not just stressed out the entire time when you should be enjoying it. Set up your work situation so that you can have some time off the week before, relinquish all ‘jobs’ around the house that you don’t have to do, and make sure you set auto-responders on your emails and warn people in advance that this is a busy time for you.


2. Let people help you

The chances are, there are LOADS of people who will want to help you with the wedding planning. Instead of seeing this as a frustration (there are only so many opinions you can hear before it starts getting a little overwhelming), let them help - on your terms. Give them a job to do (flowers, table favors, lighting, cake research – whatever you need), give them some guidance on what you want and the date you need it done by, and then - and this is the essential bit - trust them to do it. There are lots of little things that need doing which, if you’re anything like we were, you probably haven’t even thought of yet. After all, most people getting married have never done it before. So, rally the troops and let them take some of those things off your shoulders (and out of your head).

Eve's wedding - homemade cakeOur homemade wedding cake

3. Carve out 'non-wedding' time

This is especially important. Right before my husband went on his bachelor party weekend, we agreed that as soon as he got back, we would have a few days that were ‘wedding planning-free’, so that we could enjoy each other and talk about something else for a change. And it was SO good. And now, I wish I did the same with my parents, too – they helped a huge amount with our wedding planning, and it would have been so nice to take a break from wedding chat and whisk my Mum out for lunch or yoga or a massage once or twice during the last few crazy weeks so that we could reconnect and relax amongst all the organizing. My advice would be to carve this time out early – plan for it. Book in a massage before you get too busy; because you won’t do it otherwise. It might just be the difference between a frazzled bride and a cool, calm, collected bride – so worth it.


4. Allow for extra time on the day

If there’s one thing that I think is true for every single wedding ever, it’s that it goes SO fast. Everyone always says that – that it’s over in the blink of an eye; and it really is. But to add to that, everything you think you allowed time for will take even longer than you thought. You’ll be late to the ceremony (of course), then the mingling afterwards will take a lot longer than you expected, and so will the photographer – and before you know it, you’re an hour late starting dinner and it’s cutting into your much-valued time on the dancefloor. So when you’re planning, take this into account and factor in added time. An extra half an hour here and there will make all the difference, and let you relax instead of watching the clock.


5. Take a moment during the reception for just the two of you

I was lucky that one of my closest girlfriends told me to do this before the day. She said it’s one of the best things her and her partner did at their wedding – and I totally agree. It’s so wonderful to have everyone you love there with you celebrating; but it’s equally lovely (and important) to take a moment where the two of you escape and take it all in. During our reception, we took a moment while everyone was dancing to quietly slip outside and cuddle underneath the stars, and it’s one of the only times during our wedding where time seemed to slow down a little.

Eve's wedding Eve's wedding Eve's wedding

 Do you have any of your own wedding-planning tips, or are you wedding planning at the moment? I'd love to hear about your experience! 

Until next time,

E x

Eve :)


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Shobhita Tripathi
Shobhita Tripathi

October 10, 2017

Congratulations darling! You guys look great and so does everything (especially the beautiful cake!) meticulously arranged by you! xxx

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