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January 05, 2018

5 beauty habits to ditch this year

"New year, new you" - it sounds cliched (after all, we can start a new leaf at any point if we really want to); but the new year is as good a time as any to make or break habits, and there are some beauty habits that you should definitely ditch, ASAP.

Here are my top beauty habits to ditch this year - if I can do it, you can do it!


1. Hot tool styling

You know those magazine articles that say, “What would you tell your 15 year old self if you could”? Well, among other profound things, I would tell my 15 year old self to TAKE BETTER CARE OF YOUR HAIR.

I’ve had something of a hair revolution this past year or two, quite by accident – I’ve been doing a lot of travel & not going for colour-touch up appointments for my hair nearly as often; and eventually it just became easier to grow my natural hair colour out and stop dyeing it altogether. At the same time, I stopped using hair tools (because they’re annoying to travel with) – and the unintended side effect? Healthier, shinier, better hair than I’ve ever had in my life.

Take it from me – you won’t regret this change. If you’re a regular hot tool-user, embracing your natural hair texture might take some getting used to - but it’ll be worth it, I promise!

Pro tip: Apply a few generous dollops of castor oil from roots to ends once per week, and watch your hair get longer & shinier much more quickly.

2. Favouring your face

If you’re like me, you likely spend lots of time, money and care looking after the skin on your face – most women use a minimum of 4 skin care products on their faces every day. So why don’t we apply this logic to the rest of our bodies? The skin there needs nurturing too!

Make a commitment this year to take better care of your body than ever before. Some great ways to get started? Try these:

  • Use a dry body brush every morning after showering, to increase circulation & help flush out toxins (bye bye cellulite!)
  • Massage body butter or oil from top to toe every night before bed

3. Not using an SPF every day

I’ve definitely been guilty of this one in the past. Even if you think your face/arms/chest aren’t going to see the sun except for the walk to the car in the morning before work, you STILL need SPF. We live in the harshest climate in the world for sun damage; and it can happen in a few short minutes. Those daily walks to the car? They add up!

Pro tip: Give chalky, thick sunscreens the boot and try Hynt’s Sun Pref SPF 30 Primer. A smooth, silky gel primer, it goes on light, sinks in quickly & helps your makeup to stay put during the day. Bonus!

4. Using dirty makeup brushes

If you suffer from congestion/oily skin/areas of acne, this is especially important. The best bit? You don’t need a fancy brush cleansing solution to clean your brushes – a natural shampoo works beautifully. Just apply a small amount (around a 5c piece for a large brush) and rub it into the bristles gently, then rinse with warm water. Repeat until the water runs clear. Leave to dry in a well-ventilated area (I leave mine on the bathroom counter with the bristles hanging off the edge.)

5. Neglecting your eyebrows

You’ve probably heard the saying “the eyebrows frame the face” – but it’s hard to really see that in action until you try it. Well-defined brows truly do open up your eyes, ‘frame’ the face by making it appear more symmetrical, and generally create a more ‘finished’ and polished look; and it takes all of two minutes to do.

I use the:

 hynt beauty


Which bad beauty habits are YOU ditching this year - and what are you doing to improve your health & wellness? I'd love to hear about it!

Until next time...
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Eve :)


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