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June 26, 2015

Show your legs some winter love: Expert tips from Buff Beauty's Gem Bolton!

Throughout winter, the beautiful and very knowledgeable Gem of Buff Beauty Blog will be featuring on the Eve Organics blog and sharing her go-to winter tips. This week Gem tells us how to take care of our legs during the colder months. Read on for her expert tips!

Gem of UK natural beauty blog Buff Beauty


If you're sorely tempted to skip out on your beauty regime the minute you hit the tights and denims, read on! Remember, everything you do to nourish your pins in winter makes it infinitely easier to slip on those cut-offs come spring.


Your leg-loving beauty prescription:


And this really is your prescription. Best taken mixed and matched to suit your needs, budget and pamper time...


  1. Warm it up


Feeling the chill? Time to make the switch to beauty ingredients from the spicy, resinous, woody and earthy aroma families. AKA, anything that peps the circulation and warms you down to your toes!

I'm smitten with heady cedarwood, the tone-as-you cleanse treat found in Aucocisco Naturals Cedarwood Orange Face and Body Cleanser.


  1. Soak & detoxify


Embrace that growing desire for long soaks in the tub – it's one of the best ways to soothe and recharge after summer's adventures.

It also offers a wonderful chance to rev up your body's natural detox pathways, releasing toxins which can accumulate on thighs, hips and buns.

Check out Harlow Rustic Soak, which contains a double-detoxifying dose of Himalayan Pink and Coarse Dead Sea salts.


  1. Buff it away


Alongside your regular body brushing, introduce a weekly leg scrub. 

And to get the most buffing bang, apply your exfoliators dry – gently massaging in a circular motion and paying attention to troublesome spots, such as dry knees, heels and the circulation-weary outer thigh. Rinse and you're good to go!

I say try Harlow Coffee Buzz Body Buff with its roasted aromas (best followed by a big mug of fresh organic coffee!).


  1. Rehydrate


To get those limbs feeling and looking vibrant, we need to be maintaining the moisture balance alongside our blood flow. A daily application of lotion will do the trick. Extra beauty points awarded to those who take the time to massage their product in!

If you love the glossing effect of a body oil, you'll adore Mokosh's spirit-grounding Sesame & Frankincense option. Prefer a creamier touch? Look no further than the Rose Geranium & Patchouli Body Butter.


  1. Treat and pamper


Now this tip may come as a surprise...we're going to introduce a monthly leg mask to our regime!

Well, technically it's a face mask, but we're using it for all the same reasons: to clear clogged pores, calm the complexion and brighten the skin. Of course, this also has the added benefit of loosening and preventing pesky in-grown hairs.

Apply 100% Pure Purity Facial Cleanser & Mask in an even layer from hip to ankle. Wrap yourself in cling film (or a hot towel for an eco-friendly option), set the timer and relax until the ping. Hop in the shower and admire your handiwork!


  1. A touch of glow


Recall that summer glow with the help of a light layer of self tan. Eco Tan Organic Coconut Body Milk makes for a perfect solution, drenching the body in hydrating oils while it builds that lightly bronzed and oh-so-toned summer leg look!

Now go and enjoy those pearly pins and don't forget to show them off with this winter's boxy coat meets bare leg trend!


About the author...


Gem Bolton is a freelance writer and blogger, living and championing a natural, healthy, happy, vegan life! You can read more of her writing on her blog, Buff Beauty.



Eve :)


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