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January 25, 2018

3 quick & easy ways to detoxify your body, starting today!

Whether we realise it or not, our bodies are bombarded daily with toxins. The food we eat, the air we breathe and even the products we apply to our bodies all have the potential to ‘toxify’ our system in small ways; and these daily doses add up.
Fortunately for us, there are ways to detoxify our bodies – and they don’t have to be as drastic as ‘fast days’ or a 5-day juice cleanse. (I can hear you breathing a sigh of relief from here!). YES – there are quick, easy methods of detoxification which you can easily incorporate into your daily routine. Here are 3 of my favourites:


1. Incorporate more naturally cleansing foods into your diet

Toss the processed food and opt instead for foods that remove, rather than add, toxins to the system. Did you know for example that apples contain the fibre ‘pectin’ which can help to detox metals from the body; or that avocados contain the healthy fat glutathione, which helps the liver filter out unwanted chemicals?

Other cleansing foods include asparagus, artichokes, beetroot, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, brazil nuts, flax seed, garlic, ginger and herbs such as fennel, basil and coriander.


2. Use a dry body brush daily

This is a no-brainer, because it’s so quick and so effective. When you step out of the shower, after you dry off but before you get dressed, spend 5 minutes brushing your body all over, in long, firm strokes – always brushing towards the heart.

Dry body brushing massages the skin, increases circulation and stimulates the lymph glands; activating two of the body’s primary detoxification systems (the lymphatic and circulatory systems). As a nice side effect, it can also help to prevent cellulite and increase your energy levels in the morning. Yes please!

Don’t have a dry body brush? This is the one I use.


3. Drink more water

You knew it would be on the list! I know it sounds boring, but it honestly does help in SO many ways. Since I started drinking my 2 litres a day, I’ve noticed that my skin looks smoother and more hydrated, my energy has increased and I’m craving sweet things a lot less (not sure how that bit works; but it’s happened!).

If you struggle with the taste of tap water (I know I do), invest in a water-filtering jug. You’ll be drinking more water (and actually enjoying it) in no time.


Do you have any quick, easy detoxifying rituals that you do daily? I'd love to hear them!
Until next time...


Eve :)


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