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April 06, 2015

Cruelty Free beauty - what is it and what does it mean?

With Easter just passed and pictures of fluffy little chicks circulating all around the place, it seems like the opportune time to talk Cruelty-Free Beauty.  

What are cruelty-free beauty products?

We all like to assume that the makeup, skin care and hair care we purchase has all been made without the suffering of animals (and in this day and age, you would expect that this was standard); but unfortunately this just isn’t the case.

A manufacturer can register for cruelty-free status if:
- None of its products or product ingredients have ever been tested on animals, OR
- None of its products or product ingredients have been tested on animals in the last 5 years (in Australia*), or another negotiated cut-off date (Internationally*).

In Australia, cruelty-free status is awarded by Choose Cruelty-Free. Internationally, the accrediting body is Go Cruelty-Free (the leaping bunny logo). The respective logos for both bodies are below, and you should look out for these when choosing cruelty-free cosmetics and skin care.


So what’s the current situation?

Well; as far as we know, there is no animal testing being conducted on Australian shores. That being said, at the moment animal testing for cosmetic purposes is not illegal in Australia, nor is it illegal to import or sell cosmetics here that have been tested on animals (or whose ingredients have been tested on animals) overseas.
Current figures estimate that around 27,000 animals are used in cosmetics testing across the world each year. It’s therefore just as important as ever to educate yourself and make sure that what you’re buying is in fact cruelty-free.

Generally, if you’re purchasing from a local, green company whose products are produced using natural, organic or fair-trade ingredients, there’s more likelihood that the products you’re busying are ethically produced. If you decide to use commercial products by bigger-name brands, then looking for the above logos is the best way to filter through these. You can also find out which brands are and aren’t cruelty free on the Choose Cruelty Free and Go Cruelty Free websites.

At Eve Organics, we love animals & are committed to being cruelty-free. None of the products stocked at Eve Organics have been tested on animals.


Eve :)


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