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November 10, 2014

Don't forget the hair! Taking care of your tresses in summer


  1. Keep it out of the sun

Too much sun exposure can damage your hair as well as your skin. If you’re going to be in the sun for long periods (walking around outdoors, visiting the beach), then wear a hat or a scarf to protect your tresses. Or, use a UV-protective conditioning spray like Klorane’s paraben-free Mango Oil Spray.


  1. Avoid extra heat wherever you can

If anyone understands heat-styling addiction, it’s me. My hair is in-between wavy and straight, so if I want it to be either, I usually have to style it.
But in summer, it’s a good idea to try and avoid heat styling wherever possible. Your hair is already under stress from extra UV exposure and is probably feeling dryer than it did in winter; so you need to help it to stay healthy. Try air-drying your hair more often, and if it isn’t ‘sitting’ the way you want it to without styling, use a natural leave-in conditioner or treatment to help define it and reduce frizz. I love Aucocisco Natural’s Ayurvedic Hair & Skin Serum - apply a small amount from the mid-lengths to the ends, while your hair is still wet.


  1. Rinse and repeat

Those showers at the beach aren’t just handy for getting the sand off your feet. Make sure that whenever you take a dip in the sea or in a chlorinated swimming pool, you rinse your hair afterwards. Leaving salt or chlorine in for hours on end can be damaging and drying to the hair and scalp, and it doesn’t help with colour retention either.


  1. Hydrate!

Drinking lots of water in summer is a must – but you can help your hair even more by using an intensive, repairing hydration treatment once a week to rectify some of that sun and sea damage! Try Mokosh’s Balancing Hair Treatment for a luxurious conditioning treat – just apply all over, then cover your hair with plastic wrap and a warm towel. Leave for 30 minutes, rinse off and say hello to shinier, healthier locks!



Eve :)


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