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October 29, 2014

Your skin care questions - answered!

In our September newsletter, I asked subscribers to reply with their need-to-know skin care questions. Here they are below, answered for your reading pleasure! Enjoy - and remember, if you have any other queries, you can always email me at info@eveorganics.com.au for personalised help; no catches!


Should I only use skin care from the same range?

The short answer here is no; as long as you're choosing products that suit your skin type, and you're not over-doing it in one area - for example, by using an exfoliating cleanser as well as a weekly scrub.

I get asked this question so often that I wrote a blog post on it - find it here!

How often should I exfoliate, and do I need a scrub as well as a mask?

As a general rule, a mask or scrub once a week should be enough to give your skin the regular detoxification it needs.

Most masks exfoliate as you remove them; so unless you're using a particularly creamy or gentle mask, you shouldn't need to double up. What you can do is to alternate them by week; so one week, use a mask and the next week do a deep scrub.

I use all-natural skin care, but I find it really hard to find good quality makeup that's natural or organic - the makeup brands that are good for my skin always seem to fall short on performance. Any advice here?

I know what you mean - it can be extremely hard to find cosmetics that work well and don't contain toxins. Adding to the difficulty is the fact that most 100% natural makeup ranges aren't easily available, so you often can't test them beforehand.

My advice would be to stick to ranges that you can purchase samples of. It's very difficult to tell how a product will work without wearing it for a few hours in different conditions and seeing how it sits - and the last thing you want to do is to fork out on an expensive product only to find that it doesn't perform well or fit with your skin type and lifestyle.

Fear not, though - we have a brand new 100% natural and beautifully effective makeup range in the works, so this dilemma should soon be a thing of the past!


In what order should I use my skin care products? I'm confused!

Great question, and one that comes up often. There's no easy answer here, since everyone's skin is different and has different requirements - for example, some very dry skin types might require a serum as well as a moisturiser whereas oilier skin types can go without; and sometimes it's best to forego a product, or only use it once a day (for example, I only use toner at night-time to help remove my makeup.)

But, as a general idea, it should go something like this (assuming you use all possible product types) =

  • Cleanser/mask or scrub (if you're using a mask or scrub, skip the cleanser)
  • Toner
  • Serum
  • Moisturiser
  • Eye Cream 


    I hope these FAQ's were helpful. If you have any you'd like answered in a future blog post, let me know!



    Eve :)


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