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October 23, 2014

My skin care regime


I spend so much time chatting to other women about their skin, and not much time talking about my own – mainly because it’s a long story!


My skin care journey hasn’t been a smooth one. If you’ve read through the ‘About Us’ section of the Eve Organics website, you’ll know that I suffered with persistent hormonal acne from around the age of 17, right into my mid-twenties. During this time I had no set ‘regime’ – I would change products every few months and tried countless acne treatments over the years.


Luckily, I’m now on the other side of it – and my skin care regime changes a lot less now* that my complexion is more settled. So, it seems like the perfect time to reveal what’s in my bathroom cupboard!


*Note that, as I mentioned in my recent post on using products from different brands, I do think it’s important to switch up your skin care products every now and then – so my skin care regime does change a little from time to time. If I think something isn’t working as well for me any more, I substitute something else in. This is less of a manual and more of a snapshot of what my routine looks like in the present moment. 


Cleanser = Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser


Because it’s the perfect cleanser if you just want something luxurious to treat your skin, without being too drying, too oily or over-complicated. This beautifully simple cleanser is a dream for sensitive skin – and it smells gorgeous.


Toner = Blissoma Adaptive Energy Tonique
(only when my skin feels like it needs a little extra refreshment. I don’t use a toner every day.)


Because it gives lacklustre skin a bit of a ‘boost’. I used this when I was still getting regular blemishes and it helped to balance my complexion. Now that my skin is clear and a lot less oily, I still use it to ‘refresh’ my skin after I’ve taken a lot of makeup off, for example.


Moisturiser = Blissoma Pure Soothing Moisture Complex


Again – its simplicity. This is a miracle worker for reactive, sensitive or dry skin types. My skin is now on the drier side, and I find this to be the perfect amount of hydration without it being greasy. It’s wonderfully soothing, dries quickly and is great under makeup, so I use it both morning and night.


Mask = Blissoma Refine Clay Renewal Mask/
Aucocisco Naturals Honey & Pink Clay Mask/
Raw Gaia Raw Chocolate Face Pack


I alternate masks quite a lot. They’re my free pass – the skin care product I switch up most often; mainly because I just love masks, and I enjoy trying lots of different ones. The Refine Clay Renewal Mask is a wet formula, and is a great exfoliant – so I use this when my skin needs detoxifying or it’s a bit congested and needs a scrub. The other two masks are dry formulas and need mixing. I use the Honey & Pink Clay Mask when my skin is feeling on the sensitive side (it’s perfect for sensitive and dry skin), and I use the Raw Gaia Raw Chocolate Face Pack when my skin is looking a little dull. It contains amla fruit powder, which is renowned for its brightening effects.


Eye Cream = The Little Alchemist Anti-Ageing Eye Complex


Because I love the smell (it smells like coffee and berries), and it contains four of the most renowned natural anti-agers. In other words, it’s like the superfood of eye creams; it packs a punch. I probably should have started using an anti-ageing eye cream years ago and I didn’t – so I’m trying to make up for lost time!  





Eve :)


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