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October 10, 2014

Custom Mixing: How to tailor face masks to your skin type


They say you can never change a man. That might be true – but luckily, you can change a face mask to make it your perfect fit! That is, sometimes you can.


Natural face masks can come in two forms; liquid, or dry.

Liquid masks require preservatives (anything that contains water requires preservatives.) These preservatives might be natural, or not – this is where it becomes important to read your ingredients lists.


Dry masks don’t require preservatives, which is why they’re the preferred formula for a lot of natural skin care companies. But they also have another advantage - you can tailor them to suit your needs.


Dry masks require mixing, and most of them will say on the label, ‘Mix 2 tsp of mask with 1 tsp of water, apply and leave on for 15 minutes’ – but the secret is, you don’t have to use plain old water to mix your masks. You can use anything!

Here’s my guide to some common pantry ingredients you can use to mix your dry mask so that it’s the perfect fit for your skin type.


Dry skin = natural yoghurt


Blemished skin = honey. Apply mixed mask then top with very thin cucumber slices while still wet.


Combination or oily skin = apple cider vinegar


Mature skin = olive oil & mashed avocado


Sensitive skin = oatmeal (cooked with milk or water in the microwave).


Me trialling the Aucocisco Naturals Coconut & Turmeric Face Mask - a fave of mine!


Do you have a bespoke recipe for mixing your dry face masks? I'd love to hear it! :)



Eve :)


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