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August 03, 2014

Making Sensitive Sexy: New products from Mokosh

Are you one of those lucky people who can put anything at all on your skin – drugstore skin care, soaps, makeup, fake tan – and your complexion doesn’t mind in the slightest?


…then this post ain’t for you.


I’m talking to all the poor souls who have to check ingredients lists like a hawk, making sure there’s no: - nickel in their mascara - talc in their foundation, or - gluten in their moisturiser.


It’s hard being sensitive. But, it also has its advantages. If your skin reliably tells you when it doesn’t like something you’re putting on it – then chances are, it also warns you when something’s going on internally or your health is out of balance somewhere.

See? It’s okay to be a sensitive skin type – just like it’s okay to be a sensitive soul.


Whether you’ve accepted your uber-sensitivities or not, it can still be a real pain shopping for products that meet your skin’s very specific needs.


Introducing Mokosh’s brand new essential-oil-free range – or, as I like to call it, the sensitive range.

Free of anything which could potentially irritate anyone, it’s a miracle for over-reactive skin types, and also great for pregnant women who are playing it safe and avoiding essential oils.




The range consists of three beautifully simple products:


The Pure Body Balm,


The Pure Face & Body Cream, and 



The Pure Face & Body Oil.


The first is my personal favourite, because its cocoa butter base means it smells like chocolate and goes on like silk.

But, they all have their advantages – the Pure Face & Body Cream is the perfect baby shower gift because it can be used both on mum-to-be and on baby once it’s born; and the Pure Face & Body Oil is beautiful slathered on post-bath or before-bed. Sensitive is sexy!



Eve :)


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