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June 16, 2014

My favourite eco-blogs of 2014 so far


Every now & then on my cyber-travels I stumble across a blog which I think is worth sharing. I've been taking note of these for the past few months - & now I have a collection!
From vegan baking to office-chair-yoga - here are my favourite blogs of the year so far.


This Rawsome Vegan Life

This raw, vegan food blog is as pretty as it is motivational. Vancouver-based Emily creates works of art using only raw, vegan ingredients. I’ve tried a few of her recipes myself and although they’re always tasty (yes, sugar-free chocolate brownies CAN taste good!), mine never look quite as beautiful on the plate as hers. Some of my favourites are the chocolate fudge bars with pecans and maca, the chia-mel tarts, and the superfood chocolate, made with spirulina, goji berry and reiki mushroom powder. And yes, there are savoury recipes on the blog too – I just tend to skip past those. :)


From the Bathtub 

One of my favourite green beauty blogs from one of my favourite green beauty gurus! Created by Julie Longyear of Blissoma natural skin care, From the Bathtub is inspiring and useful in equal amounts – with just the right dose of personal insight. From healthy eating recipes to tips for self-love, immune-boosting ideas and skin care advice – Julie’s posts are detailed and entertaining.


Green Global Travel

This is a great website for travel lovers, green or otherwise. Travelling ethically might bring to mind images of recycled tents and water-saving showers; and if it does, you should visit this site immediately! It really shows you that travelling consciously doesn’t have to mean ‘roughing it’. Enter articles about most the most romantic eco-friendly destinations, the ‘best places to score weed’, and photos of pigs taking sea-baths in the Bahamas. It’s a great read!


Banana Rawpublic

This is one of the best raw eating blogs I’ve come across; and it’s run by a student local to Perth! Courtney also supplies her renowned raw cheesecakes to various Perth cafes including the divine healthy-eating stop Solomon’s (Perth healthnuts will know it). Courtney posts some wonderful juice recipes, lots of refined-sugar-free alternatives to traditional sweet treats, as well as teaching readers the healthy eating basics like how to prepare your own raw pasta.


Do Yoga With Me

Free yoga videos and tutorials, online. There’s even a class you can do in your office chair, without getting up. Need I say more?


Remedy for Wellbeing

This healthy living blog is a little bit different. It’s helpful but humble, and although it’s written by qualified homeopath Fiona Wray, you don’t get the feeling that her suggestions are out of reach for a normal, busy person. In my first 5 minutes here I found posts on the difference between cocoa and cacao (there is a difference!), how to watch sport without simultaneously eating unhealthily, and why you should try eating only orange things for a day.


I hope you enjoy these as much as I do. Let me know what you think - and if you have any to add to the list!


Image from This Rawsome Vegan Life .com

Eve :)


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