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May 31, 2014

5 Unconventional Ways to do Yoga


I have a saying which falls out of my mouth at regular intervals. It is, “If there’s anything worth spending money on… it’s travel.”
Some things are worth sacrificing for – and I think seeing the world is one of them. But this post is about general health and wellness on home-soil. In this case, I think my saying can be tweaked a little to read,
If there’s one thing worth spending time on – it’s yoga.”


It can be difficult in this 21st century life to find time for the things that are most important. We live in the ‘hamster wheel’ lifestyle of Monday to Friday, 9 to 5, week to week. Most of the time when I finish work for the day, all I want to do is… well, nothing. It’s hard to try and ‘squeeze’ something into your life which wasn’t there before; especially when you don’t have time for everything as it is (seeing friends, seeing family, hitting the gym, looking after the dog, cooking dinner, cleaning the house) – but if there’s one thing which I personally feel it’s worth finding time for, it’s yoga and/or meditation.


Like most women, I have a close group of girlfriends and every now and then they come to me with problems. Whether it be romantic problems, work problems or health problems, there’s usually one thing I end up recommending. “Have you thought about trying yoga?”.


The benefits are endless. It really is a mind, body, soul activity – and for me, there’s nothing more calming and centering. I’m a better person when I practice yoga. I’m calmer, I’m more patient, I’m much less stressed. I see things rationally, and I’m thankful.


If you’re thinking, ‘I agree entirely but I just don’t have time!’, then read on. Here are some quirky ways of working yoga into your lifestyle; no matter whether you’re a busy city-dweller, a beach-bum, or you work at home or have young ones. Remember –there is always time for yoga.


Rooftop Yoga

Yes, you heard right. If you’re a city girl like me, you’ll love the idea of achieving inner peace amongst the sights and sounds of downtown. Here in Perth, rooftop yoga is held at 6am every weekday, in Northbridge and Nedlands. More information here. But, there are also rooftop yoga classes available in Melbourne and Sydney.

And, I’ve even seen pictures of rooftop yoga from as far away as Santorini, Greece. Google ‘rooftop yoga (your city)’ and see what you can find!


Lunch-break Yoga

Spare 45 minutes? Got a job where you can eat lunch at your desk? Then skip the office chat and use your lunch-break a little more wisely by squeezing in a yoga class. Most inner-city yoga studios offer lunchtime classes. If you’re in Perth, try The Yoga VineThe Yoga Space, or Beyond Being (Subiaco)


Yoga on the Beach

This sounds like a virgin cocktail! As if yoga wasn’t relaxing enough – imagine combining it with the smell and sound of the ocean, sand under your feet and a glowing sunset in front of you. The perfect way to mix up your exercise regime for summer. Classes in Perth are available at Trigg, Cottesloe and Scarborough beaches. Google ‘yoga on the beach (your city)’ for details.


Yoga at home/at work

Do Yoga With Me provides yoga tutorials, videos and tips which you can access from the comfort of your living room - or office chair! (Yes - they even have a sequence which you can complete without leaving your desk!). Check out DoYogaWithMe.com.




Eve :)


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