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June 20, 2016

5 ways: Captain Blankenship Anchor Balm

Multi-purpose balms are the new thing – and with good reason! Small, transportable and uber-cute, they make the perfect practical addition to any handbag. But, what exactly do you use them for?
Lots of things! Read on. :)


  1. Lip Balm

The almond oil & shea butter base in the Anchor Balm makes it the perfect consistency for the lips – and it’s small enough to carry in the tiniest of purses.


  1. Cuticle Balm

I love cuticle balms. I think it’s probably a female thing, but there’s something about taking care of your nails that’s so luxurious – I don’t know why!

In any case, the Anchor Balm is the right tool for the job. Not too greasy, it will hydrate the hands & cuticles and give the nails a gorgeous ‘gloss’ without any residue – and, thanks to the added essential oils, it also smells beautiful!


  1. Frizz Tamer

Yes, you read right! Anti-frizz crèmes are generally just a combination of plant oils and butters – and, as long as the oils in a formula aren’t too rich, multi-purpose balms make wonderful hair serums. Just warm some between your hands and apply from the mid-lengths to the ends while hair is still wet. The sea butter & almond oil will smooth and add moisture, while the beeswax will create a light hold. Then, style as normal and enjoy silkier, shinier tresses!


  1. On-the-spot moisturiser

My skin is quite sensitive, and sometimes in the winter-time (or in cooler climates), I get dry skin and psoriasis on my elbows and between my fingers. The shea butter and almond oil in the Anchor Balm will nourish & protect dry, chapped skin, and form a protective barrier against the elements.


  1. Perfume Balm

Like all Captain Blankenship’s products, the Anchor Balm smells divine – it contains a combination of lavender, rose geranium & tangerine oils for a fresh, floral scent with just a hint of sweetness. Beautiful!

 Captain Blankenship Anchor Balm

Do you love your Captain Blankenship Anchor Balm? What do you use yours for?
Until next time..

Eve :)


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