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August 08, 2013

A chat with La Bella Figura

Cappuccino, honey and the definition of natural beauty:
we sit down for a chat with the lovely Victoria Fantauzzi, co-founder of the Chicago-based but world-inspired skin care line La Bella Figura.


Talk us through the name 'La Bella Figura'.

La Bella Figura is a philosophy that Italians strive for in living their lives, it’s basically recognizing authenticity in beautiful things and can be as simple as preparing a cup of cappuccino to the best of one’s ability or growing the best and most fragrant flowers in your garden. We love that philosophy and decided it represented what we aim to do with the creation of our products.


How is the range different to other natural skin care lines?

For us it’s all about the power in the ingredients. We research and look for the most efficacious natural ingredients to treat, cure, and heal the skin. I would skip a vacation and fly to Africa if someone told me there is a plant with the most amazing healing properties. We have a passion for plants and I think that it’s very apparent from our products.


Several of your products contain iconic Australian ingredients that can only be obtained here, such as Manuka Honey. Where did this inspiration come from?

Our research led us to manuka honey and once I learned the incredible therapeutic and healing abilities this honey consisted of I just knew it would be the perfect natural ingredient in our face masks. Our goal is to always create formulas that work and manuka honey works!


You recently took a trip to Peru to source ingredients. Tell us about that!

It’s amazing when you think about all the parts of the world that are still relatively “undiscovered” for their indigenous plants, fruits, and foods. I learned about a tree that grows in the Peruvian Amazonian rainforest with seeds that produce the highest known plant omega 3 and 6 rich oils. I just had to try it and when I did I was blown away by how light, luscious, and nutritious it was. I knew I wanted to use this in a formulation. It’s so important for us at LBF to understand the entire background of our ingredients. I know this sounds a bit crazy, but once I fall in love with a new ingredient I tend to take it with me everywhere, use it in every which way, tell people about it as well as have them try it. I try to understand it and the many ways to use it as I can. You can call us obsessed.


How do you define ‘natural beauty’?

Natural beauty is the simplest form of beauty that exists in a state of perfection that needs to be admired and respected. A tree, a wildflower, a honeybee are all great examples of natural beauty and to us not fussing with that too much so we can capture that essence and bottle it up is how we pay homage to natural perfection.


View our range of La Bella Figura products here.




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