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January 13, 2013

Beautiful inside and out: Skin care for the gym

1. Hydrate

    Drinking your two litres of water a day is crucial to a beautiful complexion – skin cells, like other cells in the body, are composed primarily of water; so optimum hydration is essential to optimum skin health. This is even more necessary when you’re working out and losing fluid through perspiration – so make sure you have plenty of water with you whenever you hit the gym.


    2. Start with a clean slate

    Acne and other skin conditions are caused by blockages in the sebaceous glands. Sweat can contribute to the build-up of bacteria on the skin, which is why acne often appears in areas such as the back, chest and armpits. You can’t stop yourself perspiring when you work out, nor would you want to – sweating releases toxins and is a sign that you’re getting the most out of your workout! What you can do is to ensure you go to the gym with a clean, clear face – that is, makeup free and freshly cleansed; so the sweat has nothing to ‘mix’ with to cause this build up of bacteria.


    3. Clear the area

    Breakouts are often caused by hair on and around the face – so make sure that your hair is out of the way when you’re working out. Tie it up or use a hair band to sweep it off your forehead, and try to avoid touching your face while working out. This also applies to your workout towel – if you’re using your towel to wipe off equipment after use, make sure you have another, clean towel to use on your face and body so that you’re not transferring bacteria unnecessarily.


    4. Wear the right gear

    Breakouts and heat rash can be avoided – or at least discouraged – by wearing the right clothing to the gym. Choose pieces that are made of breathable cotton or sweat-absorbing fabric to allow your skin to breathe and keep it looking beautiful.


    5. Replenish

    Just as the body loses fluid during a workout, so does the skin – so it’s important not only to replace fluids internally by drinking water, but also to hydrate the skin afterwards. The harsh air conditioning in gymnasiums can also contribute to dry skin – so be sure to apply moisturiser when you step out of your post-workout shower.

    Jon Cattivera


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