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October 27, 2012

Product Review: Our new Beyond Organic Lite & Brite skin lightener

Check out this glowing review of the brand new and revolutionary Beyond Organic Lite & Brite skin lightener, by Age Before Beauty blog!


Hand made beauty products are always a joy to behold. Made from natural, organic ingredients means they are safe, ethical and exceptionally good for your skin because unnecessary ingredients have not been added.

The multi award winning Beyond Organic range is no exception and new for this season are three products:

  • Organic SPF 30 Daily Protection
  • Organic Lite and Brite
  • Organic Tinted SPF 30 Protection


Beyond Organic Skincare is truly natural and handmade in Cornwall (- it's) pure, kind, ethical AND effective care for your skin.



As a true English rose myself (pale and freckly!) I am always on the look out for decent sun protection products but I cannot stand the chemical smell of most of the mass market sun blocks. Beyond organic’s sun protection is excellent and as we did have a glimmer of sunshine yesterday I gave it a try!

I find that a lot of organic products, lovely as they are, can be quite thick and oily and the Beyond Organic range is a bit thick, but extremely effective once massaged into the skin. The sun protection worked brilliantly and smells gorgeous. It also left my skin feeling fresh, smooth and smelling lovely as well as protected from the harmful rays of the sun (even though it made just a brief appearance!)

The Lite and Brite product is claiming to be the first 100 per cent organic skin lightener to reach the market and I think this is going to be a best seller. The consistency is just right and it smells divine. As someone who longs for a bit of colour in their cheeks this isn’t something I will use myself, but it has the look and feel of a product that is far more expensive and tests over 28 days showed measurable results.

The tinted sun protection has a delicious fragrance and although the colour looks quite dark to start with, when it is blended and massaged into the skin the coverage is really good. Slightly too oily for my skin but still a great product and well worth a try. It doesn’t block pores or leave any residue unlike some other tinted moisturisers I have tried.

Our scores

Packaging-simple, stylish and functional

Smell-gorgeous-smells expensive

Gloop factor-quite thick but doesn’t block the pores and rubs in really well giving good coverage and excellent absorption

Results-sun protection is superb

These award wining all natural products are worth every penny.


Thank you to Age Before Beauty for this fantastic review!

Have you tried any of our Beyond Organic products? Which new line are you most excited about? We'd love to hear from you! 

Until next time.. xx

Jon Cattivera


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