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October 06, 2012

Product Review: Mokosh Face Cleansing Powder & Mask

Luckily for us, we come into contact with a huge range of beautiful, gourmet skin care products every day working at Eve Organics - but every now and then, a product comes along that sticks with you. This miracle-in-a-glass-jar is one of them.

In their Face Cleansing Powder & Mask, Mokosh have created a product that truly transforms the complexion. Granular in texture, the powder adopts a deliciously 'mushy' consistency when mixed with water, and can be immediately washed off or left on as a mask once or twice a week. The powder contains Argiletz green clay to withdraw impurities - so it offers a deeper clean than most cleansers.

Like all of the Mokosh products, the Face Cleansing Powder & Mask is beautifully simple. With ingredients like organic oatmeal; neem, coconut and wheatgrass powders; and rose petals, the powder refines, renews and is excellent at balancing oily, combination or over-active skin types. It has an 'earthy' aroma and feels soft but oh-so-slightly exfoliating on contact. Skin is left feeling clearer, softer and brighter.








Customers have told us that the Face Cleansing Powder & Mask helps to improve skin texture, reduce the appearance of enlarged pores and combat dullness.

To make the most of your Mokosh Face Cleansing Powder & Mask, keep it outside of the shower and pour just enough product into your dry hand before mixing it with water outside the jar. Allowing moisture into the jar can cause the product to spoil, so store it in a dry place - remember, it's 100% natural and preservative-free.

Have you tried our Mokosh Face Cleansing Powder & Mask? What did you think? We'd love to hear your thoughts!


...Until next time xx

Jon Cattivera


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