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March 08, 2012

Natural beauty on the go: Top travelling tips

Whether you're flying across the globe or hopping in the car and crossing the continent, it's difficult to keep your gorgeous on. As if the stuffy air conditioning and cramped, unmoved muscles weren't enough, travelling is pretty rough on your complexion, too - and it's hard not to end up a looking a little worse-for-wear once you reach your destination.
There are, however, a few things you CAN do to avoid that moment of terror as you gaze into the airport toilet mirror and realise you left your makeup in your packed luggage.
Here they are!

1. Take every mini cup of fluid that's offered to you - and at least every second drink, go for the water!
Dehydrated skin is difficult to avoid whilst travelling, particularly if you're flying - so work at prevention rather than cure, and keep your body hydrated on the inside. This one's easy!

2. Avoid makeup.
Okay, we know this one is hard. But even if this means saying goodbye to the man of your dreams before pulling out the baby wipes, then doing the reverse when you reach the other end, it's worth doing. If you have to wear makeup at either your origin or your destination, at least take it off when you get on the flight. Dehydrated skin is not a good look - but dehydrated skin that can't breathe is an even worse one. Trust us, or you'll find out when you finally remove the layers!
If you simply have to wear makeup during the journey, then make it a tinted moisturiser (a 100% natural one, of course) - or better still, simply dab on some concealer on your trouble spots and leave the rest bare.



3. Feed your skin.
You can't go without food on a day-long journey, and neither can your skin. At least every couple of hours, give it a good spritz with a nutritive toning mist. We love our Blissoma Intense Hydration Tonique for this purpose - it contains soothing cucumber, caffein acid to depuff, and a host of calming ingredients to refresh and revitalise tired skin.

4. Don't forget your eyes!
Nothing gives away a lack of sleep like the eyes. They're the first place to show signs of tiredness, which you'll no doubt be suffering from after a long journey away from your own bed!
Luckily, there's an answer. It's our 100% Pure Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream, and it's an absolute winner at battling dark circles and puffiness. An independent 4-week study found that
- 97% of women saw a reduction in puffiness
- 87% saw a reduction in dark circles
- 93% saw a reduction in wrinkles
- 93% said it increased firmness.



5. Keep it simple, sexy.
It's tempting to curl your hair and lashes and put on some sexy pumps when you're preparing to meet someone special at the other end of your travels - but trust us, you WILL regret this one!
Try to keep it simple. Put your hair in a pony to keep it off your face and avoid greasiness. Wear something comfortable - you can always get changed before you land. And remember, walking through airports with heavy luggage is hard work - your 6-inch peep toes are probably not the best option.

... So there you have it - our guide to travelling the healthy (and comfortable) way!
Do you have any tried and tested travelling tips? Please share them with us - we'd love to hear from you!


...Until next time xx



Jon Cattivera


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