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January 18, 2011

The skin care benefits of Rosemary

Rosemary has a number of benefits for the skin - and has been used to heal various ailments for centuries. It's been known to treat digestive disorders and headaches, and is currently being investigated as a treatment for Alzheimers Disease. When used in skin care products, rosemary has the effect of increasing blood circulation and improving the functioning of skin cells, as well as toning the skin and acting as an astringent, so it's excellent at balancing combination skin and as a firming ingredient in anti-aging skin care. Two components of rosemary thought to be responsible for these effects are caffeic acid and rosemarinic acid, both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agents.

Rosemary can be found in our:

Mokosh Face Oil for dry skin - a luxurious & replenishing moisturiser that sinks into the skin - this oil is ultra-hydrating, with avocado, macadamia and apricot kernel oils to enrich and rejuvenate dry complexions.
Beyond Organic Detoxifying Cleanser - this deeply cleansing concoction is excellent at repairing damaged and unbalanced skin, encouraging blood circulation and cell renewal. For skin that needs a pick-me-up!
Beyond Organic Uplifting Toner - this gorgeous, refreshing toner is suitable for all skin types - including sensitive and acne-prone. It contains lavender to balance, mandarin to soothe and tone, and grapefruit & lemon to refresh and invigorate!

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