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November 06, 2010

Our organic skin care picks for Christmas!

Christmas is approaching fast, (yes! We love christmas!) so we thought we'd prepare a little helpful list - not for Santa, but for you!

This is a list of our picks for the festive season - what to buy, for who, and why.
We've put a lot of thought into this list - so sit back, save time, and get your christmas shopping in early - we've done the work for you!

After all... who doesn't want beautiful & glowing skin for christmas?

Best product for teenagers = Raw Gaia Raw Chocolate Face Pack

Why? = This luxurious face mask clarifies and brightens all skin types - but it's particularly good for oily, combination or acne-prone skin. It contains sundried red clay to draw out impurities, organic raw chocolate powder - the world's highest known source of antioxidants, apart from smelling divine - tumeric, which is a known acne-fighter and excellent at purifying oily skin types, and amla fruit powder to clear and brighten the complexion.
This wonder-product not only has an amazing effect on troubled skin, it also smells heavenly and is fun and quick to use - perfect for teens!

Best pore-refining product = Mokosh Face Cleansing Powder

Why? = These little jars of powdered love are saviours for enlarged pores or unrefined, dull skin. They have the effect of applying a primer - they make pores disappear before your eyes. (Honestly!). They do this by getting in there and gently cleaning out those pores, whilst toning, refining and balancing the complexion, with ingredients like green clay, wheatgrass powder and the skin-loving oatmeal.
As if that wasn't enough, this multi-tasking powder also doubles as a weekly face mask - so it's perfect for busy mums or those who are short on spare time in their daily routine.

Most luxurious anti-aging moisturiser = The Little Alchemist Anti-Aging Defence Complex

Why? = This product is just too gorgeous. The packaging is sophisticated and feminine, and the product inside smells wonderful, is packed with natural anti-aging ingredients (DMAE, alpha-lipoic acid, MSM, seabuckthorn oil, hyaluronic acid, gingko, ginseng and Co-Enzyme Q10 - phew!) and sinks in to the skin beautifully. It's a pleasure to use, and looks perfect on the bathroom shelf! Mum or Nan will love you for it.




Has that given you some food for thought? We hope we've helped with our christmas picks list!

Until next time! xx

Eve :)


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