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August 06, 2010

Beauty Undressed Review - Healing Anthropology Rejuvenating Day Cream

Hi Everyone! We thought this week we'd share this gorgeous review of our Healing Anthropology Rejuvenating Day Cream, which we found on the natural beauty blog, 'Beauty Undressed' - find them at www.beautyundressed.blogspot.com - and enjoy this review! 

Hi again beauty addicts!

Today I'd like to review one of my favourite ever products - Healing Anthropology's Rejuvenating Day Cream.
This everyday moisturiser is SO much more than an everyday moisturiser! It's a huge advance in natural skincare, because it has 100% natural SPF 30+ built in. Yes, 100% natural. (For those reading who aren't aware, it's incredibly hard to make a totally natural sunscreen product!) This cream is simply divine, being a moisturiser and a sunscreen all in one, and doing both brilliantly. That's a big achievement!

The first thing you'll notice is the savvy packaging. Clean and fresh, it looks great on the bathroom shelf. And after that, you'll notice the smell. This one smells like marzipan, the yummy almond paste that's used in cakes & sweets. That'd be because almond oil is listed in the ingredients.

Application-wise, I really, really like this one. It's thick, as you'd expect any sunscreen to be, so when I first used it, I put lots on because I thought it wouldn't spread very well due to the thickness.
I was wrong. It spreads beautifully - you need the tiniest bit to cover your whole face. When it first goes on, it'll look ever-so-slightly greasy - but give it a minute or two, and it sinks right in to the skin. I wore it without any make-up on top today, and I actually thought it gave me a bit of a 'glow' - my skin looked really healthy and vibrant.
Okay, so down to business -

what's in it?

The ingredients list reads:

Purified spring water, organic olive oil, aloe vera gel, orange blossom water, active sunscreen ingredients [zinc oxide, jojoba oil, African shea butter, organic hemp seed oil, neo heliopan (from cinnamon oil)], beeswax, mimosa flower wax, lecithin, vitamin E oil, grapefruit seed extract and essential oils of almond & ylang ylang.

No complaints here. Nothing remotely nasty in there at all - and some truly gorgeous ingredients - like olive oil, which is a truly wondrous skincare ingredient, aloe vera to calm and soothe, vitamin E, hemp seed oil (another winner for all skin types, particularly sensitive skins), and orange blossom water, which is balancing and great for combination skin.
So, really, not much else to say - a really beautiful product. It's become a staple in my skin care routine. I love that I just put moisturiser on in the morning & then I don't have to think about putting sunscreen on as well. Great for lazy girls like me. :)

Where to get it: I bought mine from Eve Organics = www.eveorganics.com.au.

Enjoy everyone, and good on you for being sun-safe!

B xx

Post taken from Beauty Undressed - the natural beauty blog.

Jon Cattivera


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