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May 05, 2010

Product Review - 'Raw Gaia' Raw Chocolate Face Pack

Yes. This natural chocolate face mask smells, and feels, as good as it sounds. It's almost-edible natural skin care!

We haven't tasted it yet... but since it's all natural and contains raw chocolate powder as its highest ingredient, we'd say it probably tastes pretty amazing too!

Raw Gaia Raw Chocolate Face Pack contains just 4 ingredients: organic raw chocolate powder, sun-dried red clay, organic tumeric, and organic amla fruit powder. Simple and pure, just as we like it!

The product comes in powder form, and simply needs to be mixed with water into a thick paste. When you apply it, it feels soft and slightly grainy, in a pleasant way. It spreads wonderfully, so a jar goes a long way.

Once you've left it for the recommended time of 5-10 minutes, it starts to dry in places, becoming a lighter brown colour. It won't all have dried - some areas of your face will still be the dark brown colour they were when you first applied the face mask. This is okay. 10 minutes is plenty of time to derive the amazing benefits this product offers.

We find that the easiest way to use face masks is to apply them right before you jump in the shower - that way, you can wash your other bodily bits while you're waiting the 10 minutes, and when you rinse the mask off, there's no mess left around the bathroom sink - it just goes down the shower drain. Nice and easy.

After using the Raw Chocolate Face Pack, skin feels softer, smoother and clearer. It feels beautiful to the touch - almost baby soft - with no grease or residue. We recommend applying toner and moisturiser afterwards, or just moisturiser if you don't include a toner in your routine. You can see a distinct 'glow' in your complexion after the very first use.

Raw chocolate powder contains the highest amount of antioxidants of any substance in the world. It's really, really good for your skin - whatever skin-type you have.
Tumeric is fantastic on acne, and is one of the well-known natural acne treatments - so this mask is also great for people with problem or acne-prone skin.
The little-known Amla fruit is also referred to as the 'Indian Gooseberry', and has wonderful effects on skin-tone (hence the 'clearing' sensation of the mask). It's also extremely high in Vitamin C, and is great at brightening the complexion, so good for people with scarring or uneven pigmentation.

All over, a beautiful experience. We recommend using the mask about twice a week, but you'll have a hard time resisting the urge to use it every day!!
It smells and feels absolutely gorgeous, and leaves the skin feeling softer and smoother, and looking noticeably brighter after the very first use. A beautiful all-round mask for any skin type.

Comments? Questions? Have any useful tips or experiences to share about this product? Please share your thoughts by commenting below!

Jon Cattivera


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