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July 16, 2018

How to make the most of bath-time

I’m not a fan of cloudy weather – but one thing I LOVE about winter is the opportunity to take baths again. A nice long bath is an easy way to unwind, de-stress and soothe tired muscles – and, as a bit of a bath aficionado, I’ve come up with a few tips as to how you can make bath-time even better. Read on!


1. Get everything ready beforehand

There’s nothing worse than performing the sometimes-awkward art of sliding into a bathtub (it’s never as elegant and seamless as they make it look in the movies, is it?!), then realising you have to slide yourself out again to get something. Make sure you have everything you need by the tub before you get in. So – what do you need for a blissful bath?


2. Get the lighting right

Trying to relax and close your eyes with a bright bathroom light right above you is near-impossible – but you need some light so you can see what you’re doing. When I take a bath, I love to use candles. I usually light one or two large scented candles and put them on a shelf near the tub. This way, I can relax and close my eyes if I want to without having to worry about any bright light; and I’m also getting some aromatherapeutic benefit from the burning essential oils.


3. Find yourself a bath shelf/caddy

One of my favourite-ever inventions, the bath caddy allows you to nibble, read a book, or have a glass of wine in the bath – without ever having to reach too far! I like this one from LifeSpace - it even has a fold-down book holder! Perfect.


4. Make the absolute most of it beauty-wise

How often do you get to lie there and do nothing? Not very often, I bet! So make the most of this quiet time and get some self-care in. Every time I take a bath I always use a face mask and a hair treatment, and just leave them to sit while I relax. My current favourites are Leahlani's Kokoleka Ritual Dessert Mask and Innersense's Hydrating Hair Masque.


5. Minimise interruptions

Tell your kids/partner/housemates that you’re taking a bath, so you don’t get any rude door-knocks while you’re lying there in a deep state of relaxation! There’s nothing more jarring. If you have a safe, dry place to plug in a music source so you can listen to some zen tunes, then do that too.


Do you have any tips for relaxation during the colder months? I’d love to hear them!

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